Laporan Tahunan UPNM 2020

199 Un i v e r s i t i P e r t a h a n a n Na s i o n a l Ma l a y s i a L A P O R A N T A H U N A N 2 0 2 0 Hubungan Industri dan Korporat Jadual 77: Senarai Pangkalan Data Bagi Tahun 2020 Bil. Negara Institusi Terlibat Tarikh Meterai (Tempoh) Bidang Kerjasama 3. 4. 5. 6. Malaysia Malaysia Malaysia Malaysia Asia Pacific University Of Technology & Innovation Argus Information Technology Co., Ltd. Universiti Putra Malaysia & Worldgate Technologies Sdn. Bhd. Global Das Sdn. Bhd. BIDANG INDUSTRI (MoU) 21/10/2020 (3 Tahun) 21/10/2020 (3 Tahun) 16/12/2020 (3 Tahun) 17/12/2020 (2 Tahun) To collaborate in research and development of PORTABLE AND SELF-RELIANT AD-HOC 5G RAN AND CORE ARCHITECTURES FOR SEAMLESS CONNECTIVITY” and other related areas (hereinafter referred to as “AD HOC 5G RAN”) developed by researchers at NDUM and APU, and the relevant hardware and software. 4 to conduct joint research grant applications; 4 to collaborate in joint supervisions of postgraduate students; 4 to collaborate in joint research publications; 4 Exchange of scientific materials and scholarly information; 4 UPNM will work together with ARGUSTECtointegrateVECTORSand ARGUSTEC products as a complete and comprehensive package 4 UPNM will work together with ARGUSTEC to localized/translate VECTORStothe respectivecountries 4 UPNM will work together with ARGUSTEC to customized VECTORS to the respective countries 4 UPNM, and ARGUSTEC will works together to expand the market worldwide in the future 4 A demonstration system will be built in 2021 and demonstrated to the Malaysian Army 4 to collaborate in organizing research in Advanced Aircraft Satellite Tracking System (AASTS); 4 exchange of research knowledge in Advanced Aircraft Satellite Tracking System (AASTS) 4 to collaborate in design and development of an Integrated Defence Finance Management System (IDFMS) for education purpose and for Armed Forces use 4 provide training of IDFMS for lecture, students, Malaysian Armed Forces members and other interested parties 4 provide hardware and maintenance of the IDFMS system Layout (Annual Report UPNM 2020).indd 199 07/03/2022 11:50 AM