Laporan Tahunan UPNM 2020

198 Un i v e r s i t i P e r t a h a n a n Na s i o n a l Ma l a y s i a L A P O R A N T A H U N A N 2 0 2 0 Hubungan Industri dan Korporat Jadual 77: Senarai Pangkalan Data Bagi Tahun 2020 Bil. Negara Institusi Terlibat Tarikh Meterai (Tempoh) Bidang Kerjasama 1. 2. India China Maulana Azad National Urdu University Argus Information Technology Co., Ltd BIDANG INDUSTRI (MoU) 14/08/2020 (5Tahun) 21/10/2020 (3 Tahun) a) Exchange of faculty members relating to their activities in teaching and research in field of mutual interest; b) Promote joint research project, conferences and joint courses of study, especially in the field of Information Technology and other interdisciplinary; c) Endeavor to develop and implement a programme of research, personal or student exchanges or supervisions in accordance with the principles described below; d) Exchange publications, reports or academic material and information; and e) Patent filing of research and collaboration outputs; Each Party will, subject to the laws, rules, regulations and national policies from time to time in force, governing the subject matter in their respective countries, endeavour to take necessary steps to encourage and promote co-operation in the research and commercialization of VEHICLE ENHANCED COMBAT TACTICAL RESPONSE SYSTEM (VECTORS) developed by researcher at NDUM, and the relevant hardware. These collaborative projects may include, but is not limited to, the following areas: 4 UPNM will work together with ARGUSTEC to integrate VECTORS with ARGUSTEC products as a complete and comprehensive package; 4 UPNM will work together with ARGUSTEC to localized/translate VECTORS to the respective countries; 4 UPNM will work together with ARGUSTEC to customized VECTORS to the respective countries; 4 UPNM, and ARGUSTEC will work together to expand the market worldwide in the future; and 4 A demonstration system will be built in 2021 and demonstrated to the Malaysian Army; Layout (Annual Report UPNM 2020).indd 198 07/03/2022 11:50 AM