Laporan Tahunan UPNM 2020

186 Un i v e r s i t i P e r t a h a n a n Na s i o n a l Ma l a y s i a L A P O R A N T A H U N A N 2 0 2 0 Penerbitan Ilmiah Judul: UPNM Research Series - Development of Bamboocrete Multipurpose Panels for Affordable Housing (Revised Edition) ISBN: 978-967-2414-15-5 Format/Bahasa: Bercetak/Bahasa Inggeris Pengarang: Norhasliya Mohd Daud, Norazman Mohamad Nor Ringkasan: The fundamental properties of bamboo hybrid with concrete to prepare a multi-purpose panel sample made from bamboo and concrete known as bamboocrete was studied. The objective includes determining the physical and mechanical properties of local bamboo, Gigantochloa Scortechinii and its durability. Furthermore, the structural lightweight concrete was designed with the use of natural perlite aggregate and palm kernel shell (PKS) that provide an advantage of more lightweight material and to obtain more economical concrete. The affordable Bamboocrete MultiPurpose Panel was developed and the cost analysis between Bamboocrete Multi-Purpose Panel and typical reinforced concrete also discussed in this research. Judul: Errors in Variables Models and Outlier Detection for Circular Variables ISBN: 978-967-2414-01-8 Format/Bahasa: Bercetak/Bahasa Inggeris Pengarang: Abdul Ghapor Hussin Ringkasan: Error-in-variables model (EIVM) dealing with the estimating of statistical models parameters where all the parameters are subject to errors. There are different classification of EIVM such as functional relationship model, structural relationship model and ultrastructural relationship model. This study not only consider the linear data, but also for the circular data. Circular or directional data are somewhat different from linear data due to the different topology of the circle and the straight line. The statistical theories for linear and circular are very different from one to another because the circle is a closed curve, but the line is not. This lecture will give an inspiration on how different kind of models have been introduced based on the understanding of the recent circular or directional statistical methodology and may assist in furthering the research for application in this kind of data set. Layout (Annual Report UPNM 2020).indd 186 07/03/2022 11:50 AM