Laporan Tahunan UPNM 2020

179 Un i v e r s i t i P e r t a h a n a n Na s i o n a l Ma l a y s i a L A P O R A N T A H U N A N 2 0 2 0 Penerbitan Ilmiah Judul: Emerging Trends in Education, Language Studies and Cross-Cultural Communication ISBN: 978-967-2414-30-8 Format/Bahasa: Bercetak/Bahasa Inggeris danBahasaMalaysia Penyunting: Erda Wati Bakar, Emily Abd Rahman Ringkasan: This book should be treated as a comprehensive and accessible guide to prominent debates and trends in the expanding fields of Education, Language studies, and Crosscultural Communication. The four sections of this book provide insightful and critical investigations on various issues from diverse areas like Applied Linguistics, Islamic Education, factors contributing to students’ academic performances, cultural awareness, language variations, challenges posed by digital natives at present and instillation of leadership skills within students at Higher Education institutions. This book proves to be relevant not only to academicians but also to students who are about to undertake their research journey in these fields. The investigation on multiple research inquiries in this book provides invaluable perspectives to the contemporary trends which indicate that these fields are continuously evolving, thus there is always an urgent need to suggest and implement new ideas and outlooks. Judul: Body Language Empowerment - Truth That Sets You Free ISBN: 978-967-2414-21-6 Format/Bahasa: Bercetak/Bahasa Inggeris Pengarang: Jackson Yogarajah Ringkasan: Body language isn’t really a language, it is an oxymoron or a poor description with incongruous words of what experts call non-verbal communication or more correctly non-linguistic communication. Truthfully, it is the conscious and subconscious signaling of attitudes, desires and our inmost feelings of our bodies, movements, actions and tone of voice, sometimes challenging to interpret by the novice but understanding the truths reduces uncertainty and it is highly necessary, because they are more powerful than the spoken words. As it’s the supreme language of motion, tone and vibration all living species on planet earth enjoys, practices and communicates (Yogarajah, 2019). This book consists of: 4 The Donald Trump gamma brainwaves technique. 4 The Universality of body language. 4 Your body language, your subconscious mind. 4 Culture & gender differences & similarities in body language. 4 The problems of the polygraph machine. 4 A proven methodology to be a “Human Lie Detector”. Layout (Annual Report UPNM 2020).indd 179 07/03/2022 11:50 AM