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28 November 2021 / 23 Rabiul Akhir 1443


Background of NDUM Institute of Executive Education (NIEEd)

The National Defense University of Malaysia (NDUM) is a university responsible for providing higher education services to the defense and national security sector.

In 2010, the Executive Studies Management Center (PPPE) was created in an organization to enable short-term supply of courses within the framework of executive development for the Armed Forces Exemplary Corporation (PERHEBAT) of the Malaysian Armed Forces (MAF) and other security agencies government body. PPPE is officially established in June 2010 and approved by SENATE No. 21/2011 on 14 June 2011.

Towards a larger and more competitive organization PPPE is developed to coordinate all off-campus programs to be offered by the NDUM. In line with the plan, in 2011, the change of PPPE name to the NDUM Institute of Executive Education (NIEEd) was approved as a new organization responsible for coordinating offshore academic programs and providing executive training and professional development such as short courses, seminars, workshops and training according to the needs of the defense and national security industry. A special focus on creating a future of excellence by embracing the Lifelong Learning (LLL) and human capital development in line with the wishes of the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysia

Last Updated: 26 September 2017