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19 January 2022 / 16 Jamadil Akhir 1443


I warmly welcome you to the Faculty of Medicine and Defence Health (FMDH) of the National Defence University of Malaysia (NDUM). Congratulations for having chosen FMDH to pursue your dreams and ambition. Medicine is indeed a prestigious profession accorded to only a select few.

The FMDH is the only medical school in the country that offers a unique combination of medical education and military training integrated into an academic program. Our program is recognized by the Ministry of Education and accredited by the Malaysian Medical Council (MMC).

The distinctive feature of the FDMH from other medical faculties is in the field of military medicine component being introduced to the curriculum. This will benefit those who will serve in the armed forces and a value added knowledge to those who will serve in public sector.

At the FMDH, we will assist you in your endeavour to acquire not only the necessary technical knowledge but the right attitude and skill so that you will become a competent, safe and caring medical professional. We provide learning environments that are conducive to effective knowledge acquisition and development of clinical skills. In addition, the faculty is also equipped with state-of-the-art teaching and learning facilities to facilitate your learning experience. Our faculty comprises expericenced and dedicated lecturers who will guide you along your academic path.

While there are traditional lectures and laboratory sessions, some of the preclinical education involves small group problem-based learning and early clinical exposure (ECE). This allows students to become involved in patient care early in their medical education.

The next five years as a medical student will indeed be an enriching journey of hectic schedule and many new experiences. Every medical student will go through this path; and as long as you work hard and have the passion, success is at hand. We expect our students to grow not just in knowledge but also in compassion, curiosity and commitment during their time here and to use these traits wisely in serving their profession and community. It is my sincere hope that this opportunity bestowed upon you will be fully optimised.

Briged Jeneral Professor Dr Adnan Bin Abdullah


Last Updated: 14 August 2019