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19 January 2022 / 16 Jamadil Akhir 1443



Assalamualaikum, Greetings and Salam 1UPNM,

The National Defence University of Malaysia (NDUM) is unique because it is established to become a premier defence university for education, training and knowledge creation. The niche areas of the NDUM are defence and security since the University is responsible to produce intellectual leaders of characters, who will lead the future of Malaysia.

The NDUM is committed to become the authority in defence and security, which is in line with its niche areas. I strongly believe that the University is capable to strengthen and promote these niche areas since the NDUM has renowned academics in their respective fields. With this confidence, the Defence University is further able to offer new academic programmes that will further support the existing niche areas.

Producing intellectual leaders of characters becomes the main key performance indicator (KPI) for the NDUM, and the Defence University is adamant that this will be successfully realised. The key ingredients for this KPI include the participation of all management, administration and academic staff of the NDUM, the combination of military and civilian academics, and the academic programmes that run concurrently with military training. I am confident and optimistic that these key ingredients are the elites who have the potential to achieve excellence! The elites will also ensure that the policies set by the two main stakeholders: the Ministry of Defence, Malaysia and the Ministry of Education, Malaysia are fulfilled.

All the main principles that underpin the implementation of academic programmes, military training, students’ development efforts and professional services at the NDUM derive from the main objective to realise the trust in producing intellectual leaders of characters and professional workforce so as to ensure the country’s sovereignty is preserved. In Shaa Allah.

Best Wishes.


Vice Chancellor

Last Updated: 19 January 2022