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29 November 2021 / 24 Rabiul Akhir 1443




a. Programme Info

ALK is the uniting and coordinating the training for Officer Cadets perform all three services. ALK, led by the ALK commander to act as an advisor to the Vice-Chancellor of military terms, especially in terms of training, legal matters involving the military and policy as well as the direction from MK ATM.

b. Training and Validation

The value of an Officer Cadet personality to be a leader depends on the extent to which the power, capability and ability to guide the Officer Cadet ALK (including cadets PALAPES), coordinating and training of Officer Cadet’s in-house research based on Training Management Plan (RPL). Thus, the effectiveness of training and the weaknesses can be measured by validated and improved from time to time.

c. Communication and Information Agency

ALK is a cell that is able to disseminate information articulation of policy KPT - ATM to be implemented at this institution either in terms of start of election as an Officer Cadet, termination, laws, protocols, financial provisions MOD, the instructions and retention of military interest.

d. Development of Military Training

Studies on the syllabus, the syllabus is disclosed in the ATM training modules that can be adjusted to be exposed to an Officer Cadet in line with the standards required by the service or at the same time the study generated by the universities will be raised to conducted at training centers, ATM is vice versa.

e. Role and Function

ALK acts as a cell that supports the philosophy, vision and mission of UPNM in order to produce a generation of intellectual leaders that have a credible leadership values, at the same time its responsibilities to the ATM policies to staff and Officer Cadets at UPNM.

Last Updated: 22 May 2017