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Note: Click here to download the Official Portal User Guide NDUM


What is RSS?
RSS or RDF Site Summary is an application of XML (Extensible Markup Language) specification stage followed W3Schools. He is a news syndication format and is used as an agent to obtain data on the news or talian than web pages that support this application.

What is RSSReader?
RSSReader is a program that allows you to receive news or intimation of web pages that support the continued application of RSS to your desktop. To find out more about RSSReader, precepts to this page http://www.rssreader.com/

RSS in Portal Universiti Malaysia National Defence
RSS ease of application is provided to a typical user uses Portal UPNM to get the latest info regarding the latest edict issued by UPNM. Through the ease of this application is expected to be able to distribute UPNM latest edict rather than the more appropriate UPNM Portal and memorable. Through RSS Feeds are also:

1. You may choose to read the news you want and the will of the relevant

2. You are not directly receive information that may be trusted than information and prevent unwanted (Spam)

3. You can find the latest announcement about UPNM more quickly and memorable

4. News or edict is the latest presented without the need to sail this page

Installation steps RSSReader

Step 1:

Down load install Microsoft.NET framework in advance if you are not using Windows 2003 or Windows XP is the latest version.
The easiest way is with a Microsoft Windows update or lawati How to Get the. NET Framework 1.1.

Step 2:

Load down RSSReader following: rssreader.zip or rssreader.exe

Step 3:

Install RSSReader.
If you fit down version. Zip unzip fail the first and run setup.exe.
Continue to run if you fit down version. Exe.

Step 4:
Sila see this image in UPNM Portal.

Put your mouse over one of the image then right click and select "Copy Shortcut". Run RSSReader and go to "add (+)" so right click and "paste" the url and press ok.

To further notice, please navigate http://www.rssreader.com/.


National Defence web pages Universiti Malaysia (UPNM) provides easy portal to help users who need a little customization to the content of this web page in order to read in the best circumstances. It also aims to meet matlamat W3C: Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) which is to be achieved by making the portal People Less Effort (OKU) with corresponding ease.

Get the guide here

Last Updated: 15 April 2013